Posted On 5th June, 2018, By an Englishman,deeply concerned.

Before you read my Article, could I just say a disclaimer explaining the purpose of my intention, here? Some people reading this Post may think I hate Muslims – I don’t hate Muslims – I hate what the political ideology of Muslims is doing to individuals, when the Quran explicitly tells its followers to kill for Allah all infidels, and to take captive and sexually enslave all wives and daughters of infidels. I think, instead of being afraid of being called a “bigot,” it’s  better to expose the rampant evil of Islam – which is:


I am not anti-person or anti-anyone but what I am anti is I am against the message and teaching of Islam, because if you actually read the teaching of the Quran, it tells its followers to kill for Allah, to raid, to steal, to pillage, and to kill all infidel males, “to cut off their fingers” and if there remains any females, to take them as their life-long sex slaves, even below the age of sexual-consent, (actually, sexual consent doesn’t exist in the Quran’s teaching) – that’s why their prophet, Mohammed, married a six year old girl and consummated the marriage – that is had sexual intercourse when she was nine years old – and that’s why, if Mohammed was living today, he would be a pedophile; and is it any wonder that when their own “Holy Scriptures” and “Prophet” condone and practice pedophile crimes, is it any wonder that there is a huge scandal rocking the U.K.?

And I don’t hate a person because I am actually a Christian, and also, there is a difference between hating a person and hating a death-cult, which, to be honest with you, is what Islam is.

By the way, the main reason the so called “religion” of Islam is not really a religion in the sense of having faith in their god who sees them and knows them, intimately, like the God of Christianity does, is because, if you ask Muslims if their “God,” Allah, knows them, they will deny that he does. However, there is one exception, in order for them to get themselves into “Allah’s good book of salvation”: and that is when the good Muslim pays the ultimate price, to sacrifice himself while sacrificing as many unbelievers as they can; also, in their Quran, it openly calls Jews and Christians “the lowest of all creatures,” and calls for their complete extermination.
Which is one of the reasons why so many millions of Muslims, including whole governments – i.e. the Iranian Government – call for the mass extermination of the Jewish race.

For the so called “faith” that is called Islam, is a political movement rather than a religion because Muslims do not actually believe Allah knows them, unless they are marytrs for Allah. For the only time they can secure a place in heaven with seventy-two virgins in attendance, is if they kill themselves for Allah. And there are around one hundred verses of the Quran calling for death and violence – which is why Islam is a death cult more than a religion – yes, they have their sincere prayers and faith – but it is a religion, not of peace, but world domination through extreme violence; so it is not a peaceful religion but a religion of war: that’s why, at it’s roots, there is no such thing as a “fundemental Islamic extremist” because for a real and sincere Muslim who follows the Quran, that person will be a man or woman of violence not peace. That’s why the term so called, “moderate Muslim” is an anomaly. According to the teaching of the Quran, to be “a good Muslim” means to maim, to pillage, to kill, to terrorise and to commit sexually heinous acts of pedophile, if you are a Muslim man. That’s why when President George Bush stood before the cameras with Muslims in the post 9/11 aftermath, and declared that the Muslim faith was a “religion of peace,” he was being, at best, unwise – at worst, a liar. Obviously, he had good intentions to alienate the violent elements within Islam, and to unite the Islam community against violence, and of course, we cannot deny that their are peaceful Muslims who denounce violence – but according to their teaching, they are not “good Muslims.”
And therefore, the only way we are going to address the violence within the Quran is by studying the life and writings of it’s Prophet and Author of the Quran, Mohammed.

Actually, before his pilgrimage to Medina he was not a prenouncer of violence and death but was a peaceful person, but after Medina he became a violent War-lord and his writings called for the death of all infidels, and the confiscation of all their property, including their wives and daughters taken as sex-slaves; in fact, when Mohammed took one Jewish town he slaughtered by his knife and sword thousands of Jews in one afternoon. So, the only way we are going to challenge this death cult of Islam is by asking the Muslims who call themselves peace-loving Muslims to step up and do something which will make them feel very unsafe but which will make their names great in history – to call these communities of Imans together for a conference to redefine Islam, and call for all references in the Quran which call for violence or slavery to be rejected. And for these Mosques attendees which preach hatred and their Imans which preach hatred, to be invited to these conferences for a mass repentance and denunciation of all violence and sex slavery within the faith of Islam. That would begin to repair the respect, and repair our communities and bring some peace and reconciliation in our towns, cities and nation; of course, speaking as a Christian only real peace to each individual can only come only through knowing the only true God and Saviour – Jesus – who died and took our punishment for all our failings, and therefore, can only give us real peace in our broken spirits.

So here is my Article on some real and deep concerns I have, which keep me up at night, writing, sometimes.

I have been wondering for over a week now:

WHY is it that when I watch on my screen pictures of British Muslims marching up and down the streets of Londontown holding placards with words such as, “Islam will Dominate the World” or “London for Allah” and marching alongside the protesters are police officers who are there giving protection to those demonstrating, I wonder to myself, “What is this world coming to?”

Or even worse than that – when I see Muslims marching alongside police protecting the free speech of people carrying placards “Europe you will pay your 9/11 is on its way!!”, I wonder, “What in the world is going on!” And if you don’t believe me, look at the picture I have posted at the heading.

Because in England, if you have a licence to demonstrate then the police can give you protection; well, unless, that is, “the glove is on the other hand” and Christians are the ones holding signs saying, “The glory of Jesus Christ will one day cover the earth as the sea covers the earth” (as an example) – in that case, this is what you will experience, no doubt:

a team of police officers – forgive me, but I call them “the flying political-correctness police force” or “the flying plebs” for short – will descend on you and one of them will give you a warning that what you are saying may be offensive to the Muslim community, and therefore, you will need to disperse, otherwise, you will be arrested.

I wonder,  have you ever seen or heard members of the local constabulary approach that parade of British Muslims and give them a verbal warning about the grotesque and extremely violent content of their message – have you ever heard them giving them a warning for inciting violence against the State? Have you ever heard or seen them being given a warning about the extreme nature of their message on the streets, in full view of everybody, including children when they carry signs which read, “”British Police can go to hell!” No, I have seen those signs and  I have seen police officers marching alongside them and protecting their march. Have you ever seen policeman asking them to remove the signs bevause they might be offensive to ethnic English people? But if “the shoe is on the other foot” and it is they who are demonstrating, then the police will ask us to disperse because our message may cause offense to the Muslim community.

Because this is the age we live – of the new “god” of political correctness, and because political correctness disables most of the British population including almost all of the entire British police force by fear of being accused of “racialism,” “bigot” or “religious hate speech” against minorities, when we challenge any of the Muslim community. Actually, if you ever speak out against the evils of Islam, you will be called “racist,” but whenever they try and smear you with that brush, tell them the truth that Islam is not a race but a political religion.

Have you ever heard the police considering that those words from these men representing the Muslim political movement carrying these placards calling for death, might be extremely offensive and upsetting to the native English people? Becsuse they are extremely offensive to me. But what about you? Are you offended?

I realize some of these men and women who are from the Muslim community and some of them who are no longer part of the Muslim community, are second or third generation native British men or women – but what I am talking about is Englishmen and Englishwomen, whose ancestors have been living here for over a century, whose father and grandfathers have been carving out and defending this land for countless generations.

The reason the police force act that way is because they are afraid of upsetting the Muslim community more than the local Native English community who have been living here since the Magna Carta and since the English Bill of Rights were written – men and women, like Mr. Joe Bloggs, the window cleaner, or Mrs. Jane Smith, the local Jeweler.

Have you ever seen one of those Muslims carrying signs of “Death to the Police” be given a warning to remove their signs?

It begs the question, “Why are they allowed their free speech when we are not allowed our free speech?”

Therefore, there is one rule for them and one rule for us. Don’t get me wrong, please –  I don’t want to alienate them in our society but they themselves refuse to assimilate, and worst they want to mske us into “good Muslims who can  I kill infidels, they want to swallow up the traditional English way of life with our Christian values.

Have you ever seen police stopping the Muslims who March with banners calling for a 9/11 in Europe, for inciting violence and insurrection against the State or against the Agents of the State – the police? I realize there have been times when the police do that, and there may be prosecutions, but such cases are grossly disproportionate.

And why do the police protect these Muslims inciting violence against the police themselves? For example, I have seen Muslims marching carrying placards, “Death to the police,” with police officers marching alongside them, protecting their right to free speech and their demonstrating.

OF COURSE, THIS IS THE HEIGHT OF FOOLISHBESS AND EVIL POLITICAL CORRECTNESS – and so I say, because of these things, Political-correctness is killing people, and destroying whatever is left of our English traditional way of life, and also, our freedom of speech – if under a Monarchy we ever had free-speech – well under our English Bill of Rights, and it’s predesessor, the Magna Carter, which are the nearest we we have to a Consitution, we do!  

What about the case of the English lady in Hyde Park who had studied about English law and who knew that it was an offense to pray or conduct worship services in public parks owned by the crown? She approached a police officer and pointed out to him the gathered crowd of Muslims who were praying, and told the policeman that what they were doing was illegal, and why he was not arresting them! To which the police officer at first denied that it was against the law, and when the lady said that it was against the rules of parks owned by the crown, or as the word she used was “Royal  parks” the policeman said he was only acting on his superior’s orders, to let them pray, and they were not causing a disturbance in encroaching on the public pathway, and they had been given permission. To which, she replied, they were causing “offense” to her and she gave the reason.   If you don’t believe me, please watch this video I have posted.

The question she asks the police officer is very good: Why is there one rule for us and one rule for them? Why do you treat us differently from them? In other words, why can they get away with things that we can’t? That goes right to the heart of this issue. Why does the Establishment give Muslims special rights while we are treated as second class citizens? Because their bosses are afraid of public rioting and terrorism. In other words, they prefer to appease evil, and to appease child molesters and pedophiles, and terrorism instead of standing up for evil – which means they are COWARDS.

Of course, this is the same old appeasement and fear we get from every police force where the police chiefs are controlled by the fear of upsetting the minority groups. The police chiefs are afraid that these Muslims, with many elements within prone to violence and extremism, will become angry and start rioting, or worse, would incite acts of terrorism. This is actually why police forces up and down England would rather protect the free speech of Muslims than the free speech of this lady; this is why the Establishment of England have become “bed-fellows” with pedophiles and would rather protect them than protect innocent girls and children and their future from these criminal pedophile “sex grooming gangs.” 

And shamefully, this is why that same brave lady was visited by a woman and a man police officer at just before 9 a’clock on a Tuesday morning, who demanded she let them enter into her house; and when the lady asked why they wanted to come in, they did not answer her question but one of them said that if she didn’t open the door, they would force their way in! The lady asked again and her question was not answered; The voice of the female police officer can be heard saying, “You need to come out. I just told you are under arrest? Okay?”

“Okay, for what?” The lady replies.

“For perverting the course of justice.” Replies the female police officer.

“What?” Said the lady.

“Do not resist us. Do not resist us!” Shouts the male police officer.

“Do not resist us.” Again shouts the male officer.

“Why arrest me?” Responded the lady. “Let go, OW!” She called out.

“Hands behind your back. Leave your —”

You can hear the full recording of her arrest here, if you don’t believe this shocking incident took place in the leafy suburbs of England to an elderly lady whose only crime was questioning why the police officers were not arresting these people praying in the public’s park, which is actually against English law!

Can you believe that?  If you don’t, please watch this Video.

The Latest Update on this:

After more research, I found out what transpired to cause the police to have a reason to arrest this lady called Amy. The Politically-correct police force had their reason to arrest her for “perverting the course of justice. ” A man had attacked her verbally in a car park – he had been yelling something in her face, and she had defended herself by raising her arm to her face; this was all witnessed by someone else in the car park, who originally agreed to be her witness, but later, after speaking with the police, changed his story; it looks like the police tried to pursuade the witness to make out Amy had assaulted the man, so they had their pretext to arrest her. Watch this Video of her wabbling out of jail after spending hours in a cell.

Shamefully and foolishly, it is the Government who have chosen to ally with and protect the Muslims for fear of being called “bigots” or “anti Muslim.” Can you believe that they would rather protect these alleged pedophiles than our daughters? It’s a national disgrace, which is why the Establishment want to see these thousands of cases and their Court proceedings continued with gagging orders – stopping reporters from reporting on them, for our Government is running scared what would happen if the full extent of these Muslim crimes were seen by the public, because then the Establishment’s complicity over the previous ten or twenty years would be seen in the full light of truth and transparency – which is why the order to remove Tommy Robinson from the streets of England came from Government orders, no doubt.

This means the Establishment, meaning the Government, the police, the Media, even the Social Services have all subscribed to this ideology that minorities always need protecting while majorities – the native, ethnic British people not, because the minorites in society are the “poor victims.”

Thus, we have this gross imbalance resulting in this Topsy Turvey Society in which we find ourselves living in; and who will be left to one day address this problem and gross imbalance in our society, and also the catastrophic harvest of pain that the U.K will continue to experience since these thousands of cases of Islam’s pedophile evil were ignored and covered up for generations in the social sservices the police and the media, as well as local and national government, with the result that up to a million girls’ lives have been permanently damaged.

And that’s why Tommy Robinson was arrested and within the space of five hours was sentenced to 13 months in prison in a category 2 prison of H.M. Prison in Hull on the 25th May, 2018 – because he was trying to report and gather a profile on some of these men and women alleged of these crimes – giving information which was already in the public domain, and being careful to use the word “alleged.” So he was not compromising the course of justice of those cases – in any case, the same day Tommy Robinson was arrested, the verdict had already been given and those individuals were just coming to court to hear their verdict. Actually, as Tommy was reporting, there was a total of 29 defendants but these trials had been split into three trials because, of course, practically it is difficult to summon 29 people. And Tommy was being very careful to try and profile these men and women from the first trial.

Why is it when white men say something remotely offensive that they are the ones having their homes raided by police at 4 a.m. by a team of police? Like the lady called Amy who was arrested without a warrant!

Why do we only hear about “hate speech” and racial crimes directed by white people? Why do we not see or hear about the law abridging or forbidding these hate speech messages which are filling our streets by Muslim Marchers call to mass insurrection – do you know why you don’t see that? Because the Establishment are afraid to cause offense to the so called minority groups, they fear these groups because they know that they are more likely to bomb our stadiums, our shopping centers and ram their trucks into public market squares.


But when the glove is on the other hand, and a real English native man stands on the street and tries to report on the alleged crimes, and is careful to only say “alleged” crimes as Tommy Robinson was doing, when he was picked up by seven police officers who sent him immediately to the judge, who without due process of the law, and without even time for Tommy to have his lawyer present, Tommy Robinson was sentenced to 13 months in prison. Even though the arresting officer arrested him “for breaching the peace,” the judge, Mr.Geoffrey Marson QC, sentenced him for being again in “contempt of court’ for a previous case involving him reporting on another pedophile case in the City of Canterbury that also had a reporting gagging order on it. And that was the reason Tommy was sent to prison for 13 months because the judge, Geoffrey Marson, added 12 months to the existing 3 months that the previous judge placed him under for “contempt of court” which that judge allowed a suspended sentence of a year or six months that would be activated if Tommy repeated the offence.

However, even if Tommy was to be blamed in any way, as judge Geoffrey Marson admitted, he didn’t fully listen to Tommy’s reporting, therefore, he didn’t give him full process of the law but sent him to prison for 13 months, instead. When all this reporter was doing was relaying information already in the public domain and trying to raise awareness of the systemic level of these Muslims related and inspired pedophile epidemic rocking our society.

It all leaves me with a very nasty taste in my mouth, and with the lingering question,


By Chris Briscoe

Copyright by Chris Briscoe Writes, 2018.

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