I have noticed that when certain people or individuals speak out against the evils of Islam, the Left have the same tactic of calling them “a racist,” but this is actually an anomaly because Islam is not a race but rather a religion – all be it a violent religion bent on world domination.

So the next time you have the courage and goodness inside you to speak out against the evils of Islam – telling them that there are around one hundred references in the Quran which calls its followers to violence – and someone tries to smear you with the brush of “racist” tell them the truth – ISLAM IS NOT A RACE BUT A RELIGION – A RELIGION OF VIOLENCE NOT PEACE!

That should keep them quiet for a while – see this is the same tactic of the devilish way they use and have coined the word, “Islamphobic” or “Islamphobic” to try and silence the true evil face of Islam – which is a death cult and not a religion of peace but a religion of extreme violence bent on world domination by extreme violence. It is a political world domination death-cult of a violent religion.

This is the same devilish tactic the Left use when they use and misapply that word, “homophobic” and “homophobia” to Christians and Jews when they also speak out about the real truth and harm of homosexuality. They use this tactic to silence their enemies, and thanks to the evil politically correct era, we have been living in for a generation, it has worked – but now we can be more street-wise, because we have wised-up to the Left’s evil tactics.

So please, be aware and tell them the truth, in love, that you don’t hate gays or Muslims but you hate the teaching they are spreading which is against the sound and healthy teaching of both Christianity and the Jewish faith.

By Chris Briscoe,

An Englishman.


  1. Good job Chris and well said! We must tell the truth and tell it how it really is, we need to speak up about the truth.

    There are also times when we don’t have to say anything other than share with them the love of Christ. As believers in Jesus Christ ours is to love our enemies, to pray for our enemies, to even help our enemies as strange as that sounds. This goes against worldly wisdom and understanding, but as believers and followers of Christ it is who we are! There will be those that will hate us regardless, probably most, but there just may be a few who want to know more about this strange love that is within us, about what makes us tick, about what is different about us than the world. They will see the light of Christ shining through us, this is what Jesus meant when He said we are the light of the world, we are children of light, by this we glorify our Father in heaven!

    It isn’t easy dealing with the world and the people in it, in fact it’s very difficult and even impossible to share the love of God unless God is in us! It is not of our own strength that we do these things but the strength of the Lord. He will tell us what to say or not say, what to do or not do, but we must be listening, ready, willing, and able. Amen.

    Remember Noah, I know you do, he and his family were the only ones found righteous on earth during that time, and I suppose that there were at least hundreds of millions of people or maybe even billions! My point is that I am certain Noah preached to them about repentance and the coming flood, but no one listened, however that did not stop him from doing what he did for the Lord. Its the same way now, people just don’t listen! They don’t want to hear the truth because they are blinded to it, none of it makes any sense to them. Jesus said that the end of the last days will be like the days of Noah, say it isn’t so!

    God bless Chris! Maranatha!


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